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How the famous song ‘Chandni Raatein’ was written

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Lakshmi chowk is a magical place. Long before the M.M. Alam roads of today existed, the Lakshmi chowk was the hub of Lahore‚Äôs entertainment and cultural activities. It was the Hollywood district of Lahore; the center of formal and informal filmi gatherings. Come evening and people from all walks of life especially showbiz and literature would gravitate towards the Lakshmi…

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Lahore is the cultural capital of Pakistan. Lahore is the heart of Pakistan. Lahore is torch bearer of arts and literature in Pakistan. How many times have we heard variations of such adages about Lahore. Perhaps so many times that we take such maxims for granted and mindlessly repeat them without really knowing what they mean. Like in other fields,…

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