How the famous song ‘Chandni Raatein’ was written

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Lakshmi chowk is a magical place. Long before the M.M. Alam roads of today existed, the Lakshmi chowk was the hub of Lahore’s entertainment and cultural activities. It was the Hollywood district of Lahore; the center of formal and informal filmi gatherings. Come evening and people from all walks of life especially showbiz and literature would gravitate towards the Lakshmi…

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The Royal Food Factory of Lahore

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Lahore is known for its love for food. But in case you thought our love for food is recent phenomenon, history tells us when it comes to food, our extravagance is steeped in our history. The Walled City of Lahore Authority have recently started restoration of the Royal Kitchen of the Lahore fort. Previously, it lay in utter shambles and…

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In 1959 the department of archeology carried out an archeological strata analysis of a site inside the walled city. A 52 foot deep sample was taken and three layers with proof of dwellings were found. The lowest, at 45 feet, had ‘fine brick earlier occupation compacted soil’. The estimate was that this was a 3000 year old dwelling. Experts had…

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The story of BAZAAR-E-HUSN

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‘Come evening and they would be out in their balconies in the finest of silks and jewels. Their eyes would be lined with kohl and their lips red with dandasa, bark of the walnut tree and the most fragrant of eastern perfumes or itars would fill the air. They were known as diamonds and such was their glitter that the…

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In March 1849, the minor Maharaja Duleep Singh was forced to sign a treaty in which he agreed to give up the throne of Punjab in favor of the queen of england. When the British entered the Lahore toshakhana they encountered treasures beyond their wildest imagination. A study of historical documents reveals the utter greed of British for the treasures…

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