The special ‘Daal’ that was made for Maharaja Ranjit Singh

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The Fakir family archives state a tale about a chef/ hakim from central India who visited the prosperous kingdom of Punjab to seek employment. He was directed towards Maharaja‚Äôs trusted minister Fakir Nur-ud-din, who in turn directed him to his assistant Bishen Singh, who was also a hakim. The chef explained that he had learned about the prosperous kingdom of…

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The Royal Food Factory of Lahore

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Lahore is known for its love for food. But in case you thought our love for food is recent phenomenon, history tells us when it comes to food, our extravagance is steeped in our history. The Walled City of Lahore Authority have recently started restoration of the Royal Kitchen of the Lahore fort. Previously, it lay in utter shambles and…

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