The Koh-i-Noor Conundrum: A Counterargument

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By Daniya Ahmed The Koh-i-Noor diamond, or mountain of light in Farsi, has become something of a multi-faceted jewel. In a tangible sense, it is an awe-inducing 105-carat gem that now permanently resides in the Tower of London. It is also a symbol of British colonial glory- or treachery, depending on where you are sitting and perhaps more importantly, where…

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The ‘Patang Naach’ of the Dancing Girls

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For the purpose of entertainment, the role of dancing girls in the Mughal court was as important as any. Enthusiasts of the arts, they patronized and encouraged the dance form and held mehfils quite frequently. It’s easy to think of the dancing girls in narrow terms of sex slavery and eroticism but records tell us that art was at the…

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The special ‘Daal’ that was made for Maharaja Ranjit Singh

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The Fakir family archives state a tale about a chef/ hakim from central India who visited the prosperous kingdom of Punjab to seek employment. He was directed towards Maharaja’s trusted minister Fakir Nur-ud-din, who in turn directed him to his assistant Bishen Singh, who was also a hakim. The chef explained that he had learned about the prosperous kingdom of…

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The Prince of Wales and the Landa Bazaar

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Its amazing how things and places we consider not worthy of a second look or visit were once a jewel in the crown of the city of Lahore. The enigmatic Landa Bazaar is one such place. Its a place which evokes feelings of disgust and filth at worst and apathy at best. But contrary to its current value, when the…

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